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product delivery capabilities

SMT-----Introduction to Auto SMT line
SMT :6 lines in total
line Configuration Actual production capacity point /H 24-hour production capacity point
       A line        YAMAHAYS12+YS12F+JUKI2050+2060+Reflow soldering 8 temperature zone 44000 1056000
       B line         JUKI 2050+2050+2060+FX-3RL+Reflow soldering 8 temperature zone 74000 1776000
       C line         NXT(M3*4)+2050+2050+NXT(M6)+Reflow soldering 10 temperature zone 120000 2880000
       D line         JUKI 2050+2050+2060+Reflow soldering 8 temperature zone 24000 576000
      E line         NXT(M3*4)+2050+2050+2060+Reflow soldering 10 temperature zone 120000 2880000
      F line         NXT(M3*4)+FX-3RL+2050+NXT(M6)+Reflow soldering 10 temperature zone 162000 3888000

SMT-Equipment installation capacity
Equipment Title Device Name Hourly production capacity notes
Mounter NXT3代 24000PCS
Mounter FX-3 50000PCS
Mounter JUKI2050/60 8000PCS
Mounter YAMAHA YS12/12F 20000PCS/8000PCS
Mounter M6 8000PCS

     1.PCB maximum mounting 510*360*4
     2.The maximum capacity of the material station is 260 feeders
     3.Original installation scope 01005-45*150MM
     4.Hourly production capacity/544000PCS
     5.Daily production capacity: 24 hours, up to 13.056 million points

DIP (plug-in) productivity introduction (2 wave soldering)

Wave soldering HB 350 Wave soldering overall production site

The daily production capacity of wave soldering can reach 180000points per line per day (a total of 2 lines: 360000points)
Wave soldering length /MM PCB assumed length /MM Wave soldering welding speed MM 1.3-1.5mm (transportation from beginning to end: about 4 minutes) Wave soldering for 4 minutes can pass the quantity /PCS Hourly production quantity /PCS Set each piece/point Hourly point production capacity Point production capacity of 12 hours of daily work
4000 200 4 20 300 50 15000 180000