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President of printed circuit industry association secretary general meeting held

Author : Date : 2015-12-29 11:17:12
 November 4th at 2:30 in the afternoon, all parts of the country, President of printed circuit industry association secretary general meeting duly convened in Dongguan. PCB Industry Association, the Secretary General attended the meeting to discuss the development trend of domestic and international PCB industry, to discuss how to better guide the development of the industry, service pcba industry and related businesses.

CPCA from radium director long said that around the industry associations in communication with the local government, for enterprises to solve problems such as work showed characteristics of the association.

CPCA Secretary General Zhang Jin

At the meeting, the association president \/ Secretary General reported on the work of the association, and the future work of the overall planning. President of the SPCA Liu Shaobai published straighten out the relationship between the CPCA and local associations, form resultant force, and the work of the association reform of speech, including the Council's composition, South exhibition form, the work of the Secretariat of the adjustment and develop the relevant rules of the industry and so on. GPCA Xin Guosheng, President of the association after a brief introduction of the association pointed out that GPCA will be combined with the resources of the Guangdong University of Technology, to do the work of the industry to do fine. MPCA Secretary General Xie Jiansheng made a unique view of the PCB exhibition. SEPCA President Yan Xuefeng called on the industry association to increase the focus on the PCB environmental protection. Lin'an City printed circuit board industry association secretary general rectangular new love said, very much look forward to the local association to strengthen information exchange, make concerted efforts to jointly promote the development of the industry.

Meeting in a harmonious and friendly atmosphere in the end.