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IC industry agglomeration effect showing iot boost security industry (carried)

Author : Date : 2015-12-11 8:44:55
 Hand in hand a 12-inch wafer, on both sides of the Taiwan IC early effect of industrial agglomeration

Crystal announced on June 26, Taiwan force and hefei municipal printed circuit board government signed a cooperation agreement, the double 斱 intends to set up the hefei in hefei district joint collection into 甴 road company (hereinafter referred to as "the collection becomes"), the project is expected to reach 2018 postpartum will produce 12-inch wafer 40000 pieces.This is a recent after al 甴 factories in xiamen, the first thing Taiwan semiconductor companies set up cooperation with large land 12-inch fabs.

It is understood that the cooperation of crystal investment of up to 13.5 billion yuan, the early lock LCD driver chip foundry.Jing said, in view of their financial , force crystal first year out, by the government to invest in hefei, pcba force crystal phase in 2016 with a small amount of money (annual total money for no more than 10%) and technical shareholding, let go End up less than fifty percent.Hefei government said it plans to use 5 to 10 years, to build the nation's largest panel driver, car 甴, power integrated 甴 road, characteristics, memory and other specific chip production base