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Apple red PCB plant revenue and then punch

Author : Date : 2016-1-13 18:08:10
 Listed revenue cabinet printed circuit board industry chain in September October 12 fully released, the traditional peak season and new Apple products, blessing, a total of nine record, Huatong computer, Taiwan optoelectronics, Jian Ding technology, f TAIDING international, cusp technology, and Taiwan Hong technology Season 3 synchronous rewriting single calendar Ji Xingao.

September revenue innovation high listing cabinet printed circuit board (PCB) industry chain also has a happy, F- Zhen Ding and Taiwan County, third Ji Xinxing hit 12 Ji Xingao, F- Zhen Ding, Taiwan County for the single season high and over the years third.

Cabinet PCB industry chain only f Trident "Ping" concept of non listed, but for four consecutive months, a record of the most prominent; the other eight were "Ping concept" in which Huatong, Xin Xing, health Ding, F - Zhen Ding, Taiwan County for Apple's supply chain. F Trident and Apple's new machine PCB supply chain for the October revenue remains optimistic, f Trident said that this year PCB first entered the automobile electron, in the fourth quarter Yexin develop the Korean market observe October orders better than expected.

F - Zhen Ding, Taiwan County two Apple iPhone 6S and 6S plus related flexible printed circuit board to the end of operation more optimistic, not only about the October revenue, is expected to the four seasons to upthrust peak.

Hin Hing Electronic September revenue 65.33 million yuan, rewrite 4 years ago a record high, October 12, finalized 29 run in the third quarter financial and operating statements that will, in revenue rising, raw materials go down and NT dollars depreciate expected will get rid of the two consecutive quarterly loss.