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Analysts estimate 2015 global IC design industry output increased by 3.8%

Author : Date : 2015-12-31 9:53:23
 2015 IC design industry is not the performance of smart phones, tablet PCs, personal computers and notebook computers and other products shipped as expected, the performance is not good, but the market is expected to be in the second half of the season, this situation will be improved. Excluding Altera incorporated Intel (INTC) caused by the output value of impairment, trendforce extension topology industry research estimates, in 2015 the global IC design industry annual growth rate of about 3.8%, value for about $913 million.

Topology semiconductor analysts Chen Yingshu said, compared to the global IC design industry, 2015 Taiwan IC design industry growing strength though as 2014, but due to the fundamentals of health, the growing strength of maintained, is expected to total output value is expected to more than NT $54 billion, the annual growth of approximately 4.8%. China IC design industry will benefit from the government's policy support, technical level and with the majority of domestic demand market, the total output value of 2015 is expected to grow more than 15%.

Among them, Spreadtrum (Spreadtrum) incorporated into the purple group, plus on Intel's shares, technology and capital strength to increase, and Huawei's Hass Hisilicon will be launched to 16nm process of Kirin 950, performance is also very competitive. China's IC design industry is growing rapidly, and the national policy is very much. In addition to the central level of the national integrated circuit industry fund, the local small fund is also very active. For example, the IC Industry Development Fund in 2015 to overseas mergers and acquisitions, at a price of about $19 billion acquired CIS chip maker omnivision. Through mergers and acquisitions, China in the semiconductor industry to accelerate the development of.