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American businessmen Chinese reselling old chips to the U.S. build nuclear submarines were sentenced

Author : Date : 2015-12-29 11:18:12
 A businessman in the United States was sentenced to 37 months in prison in October 6th, the U. S. military official said, because of the sale of the old semiconductor chip that he bought from China to the company responsible for making the U.S. gps tracking nuclear submarine. Prosecutors said he "put the personal interests of the United States military security".

The United States Department of justice in July 15, announced the news of prosecution Peter Picon, according to reports, the charges are "conspiracy to smuggle counterfeit goods". It is reported that the 42 year old man in Massachusetts in 2007 to 2012, through the hands of the two companies from China and China Hongkong purchased a number of old semiconductor chips. After polishing off the origin of the chip and other information, it sold to many companies in the United States, including Florida and Connecticut for the U.S. Navy's new nuclear submarine supplier, which part of the chip was originally scheduled for the U.S. Navy's nuclear submarine. But in the United States Navy's inspection, found that these chips are not qualified, after investigation, the businessman was arrested, and with this year in July 15th was indicted.

According to reports, prosecutors said Picon, Caldwell know that part of the chip he sold will be used to build a nuclear submarine. This suggests that it will be a personal interest in the United States military security.

He was sentenced to 3 years in prison, and to 31 of the 350 thousand injured companies compensation.