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ASP continued to fall MCU market growth is limited

Author : Date : 2016-1-13 18:08:51
 As more and more electronic operators continue to launch new products for the Internet of things (IoT), global micro controller (MCU) market shipments are growing momentum. However, according to market research firm Insights IC said that the recent unprecedented market prices go down trend, but also means that the MCU supplier can only see a slight increase in sales volume.

Insights IC released the latest McClean report mentioned, due to the recent sharp increase in the number of MCU units for smart cards and 32 bit applications (which are many are aimed at IoT), is expected this year's MCU shipments will continue to steadily increase by 33%, reaching 25 billion 400 million units. But the overall revenue from MCU is expected to increase by only 4%, reaching $16 billion 600 million.

Insights IC, a senior market research analyst at Lineback Rob, said the average selling price of MCU (ASP) in the 32 - bit area of erosion is the most serious, which is due to the competition between suppliers, the intention to make the new IoT application to reach the lowest price point.

"Supplier of pressure is for IOT applications significantly reduce 32 bit MCU of ASP to realize the IOT connection function and networking sensing required 3-4 dollar cost of semiconductors," said Lineback, "wearable devices and wireless sensor measure node and other embedded IOT function all facilitate the ASP to fall."

Insights MCU expects ASP IC will continue to fall. The company predicts that ASP will be reduced by 65 to 21% cents per unit this year, and will be further reduced by 14% next year. According to the company, ASP MCU fell 83 to 12% cents per unit last year.