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AMOLED industry broke out in the face of domestic and foreign manufacturers to shorten the technical gap

Author : Date : 2015-12-22 13:10:19
 Recently, the third China OLED Industry Development Forum held in Shanghai,, from the gps tracking OLED panel manufacturing, terminal applications and industry scholars on behalf of the Chinese OLED industry to discuss the development of localization of the road. China Optics and Optoelectronics Industry Association LCD branch secretary long Liang Xinqing pointed out that at present, the overall trend, LTPS, OLED production line showing explosive growth, market of high-end small size panel demand is growing fast, domestic manufacturers in new product and new technology has begun to with the international first-class enterprise to compete.

Third China OLED Industry Development Forum

OLED is recognized as a new generation of display technology, in the future, the future of diversified display market in the future. Under the background of global AMOLED industry development, the development of OLED industry in China is in an unprecedented strategic opportunity period. With the development of technology and the improvement of the panel production capacity,pcba the core competitiveness of China's OLED industry has gradually increased. Shanghai Univer professor Zhang Jianhua said at the forum, the domestic industry's capacity is expected to exceed South Korea in 2018, ranking first in the world; the current total output value of China's AMOLED in 2014 more than one hundred billion, but only 10% of the world, which means that in the global competitive landscape, China's panel enterprises have considerable growth space.

AMOLED help consumer electronics experience upgrade

The smart era makes the show is ubiquitous, stimulating the growth of the panel demand. AMOLEDpcb assembly with excellent color saturation, contrast and innovative features, has become the first choice for a new generation of smart mobile devices. According to Research CINNO monthly domestic mobile phone sales monitoring data show that in May the market to join the AMOLED camp's major brands total of 15, domestic mobile phone sales market accounted for 6.9%, a single month growth of 16%. According to research agency Displaybank forecast 2016 AMOLED will account for 30% of the global smartphone market, each of the four mobile phones in a AMOLED screen.