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ABOUT PCB Board“Printed Circuit Board”

Author : Shelly Date : 2015-7-29 13:01:05

  SOMETHING ABOUT PCB Board“Printed Circuit Board”

       PCB (shorted for Printed circuit board) take insulating board as base material. We can not transmit any electrical signals by insulating board. Then we need cover copper on the surface of insulating board. That is the reason that PCB board is also called copper clad base material. In many factories, the common copper clad base material is FR4, Aluminum 
       The basic design process for PCB as following. Preparation -> PCB structure design -> PCB layout -> Optimize circuits and add silkscreen -> DRC and structure checking -> PCB fabrication. We cut a piece of FR4 in designated size. At least one conductive pattern is attached to the small piece. Also some holes (such as PTH and NPTH) are attached. We use these holes to replace pads for installing electronic components and fulfilling interconnection between electronic components. It is also called Printed circuit board because the board is made by electronic printing technology. It’s mainly applied in hi-tech products such as telecommunication, medical, industrial, energy, research institutions and consumer electronics.
        PCB production flow:Cutting material---Drilling holes---Copper plated---Pattern plating---Etching---Solder Mask---Silkscreen-Surface Treatment---Routing&V-cut---Flying Probe test---Final inspection---Package