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2016 mainland mobile processor GPU core Market Outlook

Author : Date : 2015-12-22 13:07:33
 According to statistics, in 2015 the mainland mobile application processor GPU architecture market, Mali will continue to maintain the leading position, the city accounted for 7 of the challenges, however, in the face of high Qualcomm in the high order layout re emerge, lower order products also use more positive market strategy to cope with the overall market share will be slightly down...

2016 mainland mobile application processor GPU core market outlook Mali ARM architecture will be expected to continue to take the lead in the city.

2015 Mali's ARM architecture in addition to the high pass almost all of the mainland's mobile application solutions provider, the city will continue to rise. Estimate the city will reach about 7 into.

2016 because Qualcomm in the higher order layout better than in 2015, the lower order products will also have a positive strategy. Expected to be back to the city of the city, Mali ARM architecture market in 2016 will be a slight decline in the.

Imagination since 2014 outlook for rapid decline, MediaTek line of products in 2015 almost all switch to the Mali architecture, imagination the remaining part of the low order old products are still shipping. In the AP tablet computer, rockchip most products as well as main products are to Zhi Mali architecture. Comprehensive calculation, 2015 Imagination in the mainland market accounted for only about 6.7%.