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2015 annual output value of the mainland foundry 10.5%

Author : Date : 2015-12-30 14:23:22
 Although since 2011, the global smart phone shipments annual growth rate that is showing a downward trend, but the 2015 estimate is still able to maintain 2 digit year growth, coupled with the size of the mainland IC gps tracking domestic market size is also sustained growth, making the same period the mainland IC design industry will be able to sustain more than 20% growth momentum. Driven by the strong growth of the mainland IC design industry, Research DIGITIMES estimates, 2015 the world's foundry industry output value will reach $3 billion 900 million, compared with 2014 growth of 10.5%.

In the core although in assistance of Qualcomm, planning to 2015 half will be 28 nanofabrication import production, estimated 2015 28 Nai metric history contribution to the core revenue and China Foundry Production Co.. In contrast, by 2015 China foundry industry from 45\/40 nanofabrication output, is in SMIC received the China Netcom IC design manufacturers orders, Huali microelectronics and also to promote 40 Nai metric process output and revenue accounted for target, also will make 45\/40 nanofabrication will become one of the most dynamic in 2015 to promote China foundry industry growth.

From the supply side further analysis, 2015 semi in addition to the core of 12 inch Fabs B2 in printed circuit board Beijing and Shenzhen 8-inch fabs Fab-15 will begin contribute to the revenue outside, Huahong Leehom is expected to will also be extended five thousand pieces of 8 inches of crystal moon capacity, will also make 2015 China foundry industry with a total capacity of 5.8% annual growth, DIGITIMES research also estimates,, foundry industry capacity utilization by 2014 88.2% rise to 91.6% in 2015, capacity expansion and capacity utilization rate of climb, will be promoting 2015 China foundry industry grow another important reason.